Forest Weed

Forest Weed a.k.a Rafael Nebel born in 1990 at Brazil.

Rafael started as dj in 2008 usualy playing psychodelic and progressive music in some partys of your country.
Some time latter when Rafael have realized than music is vital for him and started to study about musical teory, instruments,
composition techniques and of course synthese/ electronic music production.

In 2014 have create his project of authorial tracks called “Forest Weed”
Initial Forest don’t worries about genres, was just about put the feelings and ideas in a electronic musical words,
its expose that the most part of his material have psychodelic touches as essence. The naturality in the production is still the main parameter of the project and one aspect that turns the works very authentiques.
From end of 2016 comes been conduced by progressive feelings that are mixed with his
spontaneous arrangements and psychodelic soundscapes.

Forest Weed have releasing tracks in labels like –
Abstract Space Records, Absurd State, Atec, Bullfinch, Cloudy Moon Records,
Deepersense Music, DNA Digital Records, Digital Sunrise, Estribo Recordings, Hungry Koala Records, Mystic Carousel Records ,
Pineapple Digital, Sonika Music, Spliced Vinyl Recordings, Zephyr Music, 4allrecords , Under Noize and some more.



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